Hyderabad: As many as 11 outsourced employees working in the Khammam Municipal Corporation (KMC) have been shifted and a 10-day wage cut has been imposed on them for allegedly filming videos on mobile app TikTok during office hours, a senior official said Tuesday.

Apart from being warned, KMC commissioner J Srinivasa Rao ordered shifting the 11 outsourced staff, both men and women, from the Corporation office besides wage reduction was imposed on all of them for 10 days for allegedly misusing the office premises, the official said.

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All of them were warned for their "indecent behaviour for damaging the reputation of the corporation" and as an immediate measure awarded punishment wherein the data entry operators were shifted from existing sections while the office subordinates were shifted from the office to the field-level, the official said.

"However, the videos are old and were not shot in the last couple of days or yesterday. They are around two- month-old videos," the official told PTI.

They were outsourced and working in the office with clerical jobs while some others for field-level and were found recording videos on the video-sharing app and chatting on social media groups during office hours, the official said.

The videos which were circulated on different social media platforms went viral and were also telecast by some TV channels also.

After examining the matter, the officials identified 11 employees (visible) in such videos and all of them also admitted to shooting of the videos.

"We came to know about it following media reports and such staff has been given stern warning not to again indulge in such acts. A total of 11 staff members was involved and they all are outsourced employees," the official added.

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