Hyderabad: The corpse of a newborn girl child, which was half-eaten by stray dogs was found in Rejinthal, a village in Nyalkal Mandal of Medak District in Telangana.

Police said that body was found in a condition that her head and left hand was missing from her torso.

The body was taken to Jharasangam government hospital. Although rumours had it that it could be a case of black magic, police dismissed it saying it was too early to come to such conclusions.

Police said that no missing case of newborn was reported at the police station or nearby and are investigating the case in the village from where the body was recovered.

Hyderabad based Balala Hakkula Sangham has called for a serious investigation into the case pointing at past instances where children were found in nallahs, and sometimes also used for black magic.

The Sangham says that the Oolya cradle system run by the Telangana state government must be revived and also advertisements must be run for awareness.

"It is very necessary to organise awareness on cradle scheme, where unwanted children will be brought up and given for adoption and the mother/father who want to abandon their child need not even give their identity. The Women and Child Welfare Department should hold awareness programme on the scheme, said Achyuta Rao, Honorary President with the activism group to a leading website.

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