Hyderabad: A two year-old girl succumbed to death after falling from the third floor of a building in the city. The incident took place at Mallapur, Hyderabad in the wee hours of Wednesday.

The details reveal that the two-year-old's mother jumped along with the girl from the building after an argument with her husband. While the child died, her mother sustained severe injuries and has been admitted to a private hospital with a fractured leg.

The deceased has been identified as Vidya while her mother, Damini (27) is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The police stated that Damini and her husband, Yogesh had a huge argument on Wednesday following which she took the child and ran to the third floor of the building they resided in.

As she threatened to jump, Yogesh attempted to stop her. Even though Damini jumped from the building leaving the baby behind, the child also accidentally fell from the building and died.

Meanwhile, Damini’s family alleged that Yogesh pushed his wife and daughter from the building. The police have taken Yogesh into custody and are conducting investigation.

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