CCS Continues Grilling Former TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash On Day 2

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Hyderabad: Former CEO of TV9 V Ravi Prakash was questioned by the Central Crime Station (CCS) for the second day on Wednesday afternoon.

Ravi Prakash who was evading arrest in a forgery and cheating case for nearly a month, had finally appeared before the Hyderabad police on Tuesday as per the Supreme Court directions after being denied anticipatory bail by the apex court. He was grilled for more than five hours by the officials at the CCS and was directed by them to appear again on Wednesday.

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It is reported that Ravi Prakash was unwilling to cooperate with the police and was evading many of the questions posed by them.

Some of the questions that he was asked by the CCS police were:

  • Who forged Company Secretary Devendra Aggarwal's signature and what was the necessity to forge?
  • Why did you make actor Sivaji file a complaint to the NCLT with back dated documents along with the agreement copies made by the new management ?
  • Why did you sell 40,000 shares to your friend Sivaji and then go on to cheat him about the transfer of these shared?
  • When the acquisition happened why did you not handover the TV 9 assets to the new management? Don't you have the responsibility to transfer the same?
  • When the organisation was taken over, does not the company logo come under the company assets? Does it make any sense to say that the TV9 logo is separate from the management's assets and identity?
  • Did you not misuse the TV9 funds ?
  • If you had done no wrong why were you absconding for more than a month?
  • Would it not have been easier for you to come to the Police station and given an explanation?

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