Heatstroke Cases On Rise As Mercury Levels Soar In Hyderabad 

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Hyderabad: As the heatwave conditions continue to prevail in the city, at least 10 cases of heatstroke are being reported in the hospitals everyday. With the temperatures constantly on the rise, the cases of heatstroke in Hyderabad too have witnessed an increase with the people getting admitted in the hospitals unable to deal with the heat.

As per the reports, at least 10 cases are reported in the state-run Gandhi hospital and Osmania general hospitals while the private hospitals report up to four cases everyday.

Dr. Sudarshan Reddy, a general physician at Continental hospitals shared that one or two cases of illness owing to the heat are being reported everyday but most cases are not critical with many reeling under the symptoms of dehydration, headache and high-grade fever.

With the increase in temperatures, the chances of heat stroke related-illnesses are likely to increase. The doctors have advised the public to refrain from overexposure to the sun and drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

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