Hyderabad: The Jubilee Hills police on Friday has invoked the Preventive Detention (PD) Act on Rakesh Reddy, the prime accused in the murder case of NRI Industrialist Chigurupati Jayaram. Apart from being the main accused in the murder case, Rakesh Reddy has been involved in several other cases including extortion, land disputes for the last three years, considering which the Police have invoked the PD Act. The details of all cases relating to the PD Act, scientific evidence have been incorporated in the proposed report.

Recently, the police filed a charge sheet in the 17th Additional Metropolitan Magistrate's Court in Nampally against Rakesh Reddy and seven other accused. A total of 388 pages charge sheet was filed by the police who investigated 70 witnesses. The report collected from the AP forensic lab along with the scientific evidence was included the charge sheet.

The chargesheet has been filed against the others - Srinivas, film actor Surya Prasad, Kishore, Vishal, Nagesh, Anji Reddy and Subhash Reddy who who helped Rakesh Reddy to elude the evidence.

With the implementation of the PD Act, the accused has to be behind the bars for one year and cannot avail bail to release from the jail. Currently, the accused is in Chenchalguda jail.

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