‘Story So Far...’ The Well Of Horror in Telangana 

The bodies of the girls were found in the same well  - Sakshi Post

Fear has gripped Hajipur villagers with two murders coming to light in Bhuvanagiri Yadadri district.

On April 26, Rashi (her name has been changed), a Class 10 student hailing from Hajipur village was found dumped in an abandoned dry well. Police confirmed that she was raped before her murder and later the body was dumped in the well.

The 14-year-old girl was found in a 50-feet deep well in Bommalaramaram area in Bhuvanagiri Yadadri district. After she did not come back home from school in Keesara that day, her family lodged a missing complaint with the police.

While inspecting the crime spot, police found beer bottles and grass in the vicinity of the well, raising doubts that the accused probably thought of burning her body, but changed their mind and dumped her into the well. Her post-mortem report showed Rashi’s rib cage was broken.

The death of the girl had created anger among the villagers. The girl's relatives and local villagers staged protests outside the Collectors office. They also stalled traffic on the national highway for more than two hours.

After the post mortem was completed, the family members and villagers took the girl's body to Bommalaramaram and staged a dharna again. They demanded justice for Rashi and that the accused be caught immediately. Commissioner of Police Mahesh Bhagavath reached the place and assured the villagers and family members that they would catch the accused in 24 hours and punish them. Only after his assurance did the family members complete the girl's funeral.

Now, in just a matter of three days, Telangana police while searching the same well for clues in the murder of Rashi, came across something that will send a chill down your spine.

In another part of the well, the body of another girl, identified as an 18-year-old was found. She went missing for over a month now. According to her family, she did not return home in the evening after going to college in the morning. Her parents searched for their missing daughter but refrained themselves from lodging a complaint with police thinking she had eloped with a man. They believed that she would return to them someday. However, fate willed otherwise.

After recovering the body, police found her bag which carried her identity card and identified her as a resident of Hajipur. The exhumed body was sent for autopsy to Yadadri Bhuvanagiri government hospital.

Meanwhile, with another murder of a teen girl coming to light in Hajipur, police are seeing a pattern in the way the two murders are linked.

Police say that the accused in Rashi’s rape and murder case, who is currently in their custody, has prima facie accepted his role in both the murders. The Special Investigation Team which is already put in place to investigate the rape and murder of Rashi is now trying to connect the dots and see if there is larger plot and conspiracy to the incidents of missing teen girls from Hajipur.

After the crime came to light, the village is simmering with anger against the culprits. Hundreds of people gathered at the well demanding justice for the girls. A group of villagers, seething with fury, also stormed the house of the accused.

(Courtesy | Arpita Ghosh: Lead Writer and Anchor | Laxmikanth Patwari: Video Editor)

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