Nizamabad Farmers Prevented From Filing Nominations In Varanasi

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Varanasi: Turmeric famers from Nizamabad, who wanted use their nominations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi to garner attention for their demands, are in for major disappointment. Only 15 out of 45 farmers who had gone to Varanasi were able to file their nominations on Monday, the last day for accepting nominations for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat.

The farmers alleged that they were obstructed by the local police, election officials, and by BJP workers from filing their nominations in time. Ever since they arrived in Varanasi, they were made to go through hardships on some pretext or other.

“We have been in the queue since morning. But only 15 out of 45 applications have been accepted citing that we are late. The police and election officials at the District Magistrate behaved with us very rudely and obstructed us from filing nominations. The local BJP workers even threatened us with violence if we filed nominations,” a farmer said.

Condemning the alleged rude behavior and obstruction caused by the local officials, the farmers staged a sit-in and protested against their highhandedness. Activists from Tamil Naidu, who had also come to file their nominations from Varanasi, joined the protests and extended solidarity with turmeric farmers.

“It is clear that the local police and election officials colluded with the BJP workers here. It is very undemocratic,” the farmer added.

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