Adilabad Among 15 Hottest Places On Earth       

Representational image - Sakshi Post

Adilabad in Telangana figured among the 15 hottest cities on Friday from across the globe, the top weather website El Dorado announced. With sizzling 45.3 degree Celsius recorded on Friday, Adilabad was placed at 11th spot.

In fact, 13 out of 15 cities which figured in the list are from India. Akola in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra came on the top with mercurial levels touching a 46.7 degree Celsius. Khargone, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, bagged the second spot with 46.6 degree Celsius. These figures are latest by 6:30 PM on Saturday as published on El Dorado website.

Of 13 Indian cities/towns, nine are from Maharashtra. The remaining four are two from Madhya Pradesh (Khandwa and Hoshangabad), one from Uttar Pradesh (Banda), and one from Gujarat (New Kandla).

West African country Senegal’s Kaolack and Matam are two other cities which figured on the list, and are placed at ninth and 13th spot respectively.

The list of 15 hottest places in the world and their corresponding temperatures as recorded on Friday

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