Hyderabad: The students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Hyderabad asked the administration to stop giving medals for academic performance. A signature petition in this regard has been sent to the administration, students said.

The institution had been awarding students gold, silver medals for the categories of best student and dissertation receiving criticism from students and teachers alike for upholding the concept of merit without recognising the social locations.

About 235 students signed the petition that is sent to the academic council. "We hope that the institution will take a favourable stand upholding the idea of socialjustice," said Shruthy Harilal, a petitioner. Bahujan Collective, a students group that leads the campaign against merit in a statement said, "To assess a student solely based on their grades institutionalises

the idea of merit while invisibilising one's caste, class, gender and ableist privileges that enable these achievements."

Tamil Nadu government earlier this month had decided not to publish the names of toppers in the class 10 exams to reduce the stress among the students.The convocation, during which the institution used to give medals for the students is slated on 30 April.

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