The Indian Rs 10 Coin was this highest denomination of Rupees in a coin, when it was introduced in 2005 and redesigned in 2011. While the new designs were introduced the old coins still stood as a legal currency up until the present.

There have been certain establishments that stopped accepting the Rs 10 coin, calling it illegal and outdated, while RBI has not given any statement of such sorts, ever. It was surprising when a government run GHMC Park at AS Rao Nagar, did not accept the coins as an entry fee. Ajay Reddy of AS Rao Nagar, had taken to twitter to vent out his anger over the fact that the GHMC Contract worker who was in charge maintaining the park, had not accepted the ten Rupees coin.

Even though there was no official ban on the coins, the GHMC worker refused to accept the coin. It has been this way since two months now, he said. The staff had claimed that the centre had banned these coins and they were of no value. GHMC officials were not available for comment.

Check out the tweet here:

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