Adilabad Officials Adding Missing Names To Voters List   

Adilabad Officials Adding Missing Names To Voters List - Sakshi Post

Adilabad: For the upcoming elections, Adilabad is taking all the eeforts it can to see that no voters names are being left out of the voting lists.

The district election officer and collector Divya Devarajan said that details of voters including EPIC number are being collected by officials who are visiting households in Adilabad town.

This is to avoid a repeat of the Assembly elections where a large number of voters names was missing from the list. The collector said that names missing from the voters list would no more be a problem as there was no such issue faced in the recently held panchayat elections.

The main focus is being given to Utnoor and Adilabad town ensuring all the names are being included in the voters’ list within the three-day time period given to register their names She hopes that no voter finds their name missing from the voters list for the Lok Sabha elections.

There are total 14,78,662 voters in the seven Assembly constituencies Sirpur, Asifabad, Khanapur, Adilalad, Boath, Nirmal and Mudhole that are comes under Adilabad Parliamentary segment.

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