Horror Tale Of Hyderabad Woman Trafficked To Oman, Exploited And Starved 

Horror Tale Of Hyderabad Woman Trafficked to Oman, Exploited And Starved - Sakshi Post

A Hyderabad-based woman who was trafficked to Oman with the promise of a job in the Gulf was rescued by the External Affairs Ministry. "A Hyderabadi agent approached me and promised a good job in Oman with Rs. 25,000 per month salary.

On believing him, I left for the Gulf nation on December 9, 2018," Farah Naz, the rescued victim told a news agency.

On reaching Oman She was picked up by an unknown person who took her to a remote area in Oman. "There I had been locked up in an agent's office," the victim added.

Farah was also sent to many houses to do regular household jobs. She was ill-treated at these houses and wasn’t provided even basic food. "They didn't even take me to a hospital when I was suffered an infection on my body," she said, adding that she had been denied remuneration for three months

"Later, my mother wrote a letter to MEA Sushma Swaraj urging her to rescue me as I was in a horrible condition. The Indian Embassy in Muscat spoke to my Omani agent and ensured my return to Hyderabad,” Farah added

She says she is going to be ever grateful to Sushma Swaraj for saving her from the country. "I thank Sushma Swaraj for helping me come back to India," she concludes.

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