Businessman Cheated Of Rs 8 Lakh With A Promise Of Cell Phone Tower

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Hyderabad: A businessman from the city was cheated by a fake website that promised him a rent of Rs 25,000 per month, for setting up a cell phone tower on his roof-top.

The man had deposited Rs 8 lakh before realizing the fraud and going to the police.

The incident took place in Bholapur in Musheerabad and the victim Suresh (name changed) had come to the Cybercrime police for justice.

Suresh has a roof-top space of over 500 sq yards. With a lot of space to spare, Suresh took to the internet to sublet his roof space for a cell phone tower. He ran into the website ‘,’ where he noticed he could get a rent of Rs 25,000 per month just by installing a cell phone tower.

He applied for one and was made to fill many forms online with most of his personal data. They had asked him for a security deposit at first, and then they needed Suresh to deposit money towards TDS, GST, clearance from the government and other taxes. Before he even knew it, Suresh was scammed off Rs 8,00,000. He then grew suspicious when he was asked for more money and approached the Cybercrime police about it.

A case has been registered and investigations are on to find out who the fraudulent account belongs to.

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