Unable To Clear College Dues, Telangana Engineer Turns Labourer

The IIIT Basara B.Tech graduate Tejavath Ramesh - Sakshi Post

After graduating in B.tech from IIIT Basara in 2016, Tejavath Ramesh was found with a due of Rs 8000 he owed the college. This made the college hold back his certificates. Now after completing his B.Tech one would go out and dream of achieving bigger avenues and opportunities, but that wasn’t possible for Ramesh. He due was a pile up of dues from the three years he was enrolled in the college.

With his certificates held back, he was left with no other option but to look for daily wage work.

Ramesh is the first in his family to graduate with a degree. He comes from the ST (Lambada) community, from Bhavojithanda, Raghunathapalle mandal in Khammam district. After the demise of his father when Ramesh was three, he took to the chilli fields to support his family and his education. Little did he know that even after educating himself, he would have to get back to the fields to validate his education in certificates.

A Telugu Daily Picked up on the story and many others have picked up the story from there. This gave voice to Ramesh’s problem and many came forward and helped raise funds for him. Till now Rs 23,000 has been raised to retrieve the certificates from the college, and for treatment of his mother’s tooth infection that has spread all over the mouth because it was neglected, all of it because they couldn’t afford it.

"I am thankful for these reporters, since they wrote the story I am flooded with calls. All the donors were really helpful. They promptly asked my bank details and transferred money," he says.

Ramesh has applied to the Railway Recruitment Board for an engineer’s post. He seems eligible for the post as he fits right most of the critreria, and has cleared GATE. He is hopeful for the job to take care of his Mother.

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