Hyderabad: A Hyderabadi autorickshaw driver was applauded for handing back the bag filled with money, left in his auto Wednesday.

This incident took place in Gachibowli. Jarpula Ramesh, hailing from the city is an autorickshaw driver by profession. Two men from Siddipet, Kothuru Krishna and Kothuru Prasad were in Sriramnagar, Gachibowli. The duo was carrying a bag with Rs 10,00,00 cash in it. The money was supposed to be used for the construction of a building, as per the police reports.

Once they got down the auto, they recognized that they had actually left the bag in the auto and they were in a panic as they had not even noted down the registration number of the auto.

When Ramesh observed that the duo had left the bag, he checked the bag to find any information regarding the passengers. As he found cash in the bag, he rushed the auto to Gachibowli police station and reported about the bag to the police. To their luck, both Krishna and Prasad were already there to report the incident.

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