Traffic Advisory Today For TRS Party Meeting

Traffic Advisory 17-12-18 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: In view of TRS Party Programme on Monday (17-12-2018) at the Telangana Bhavan in Banjara Hills, a large number of MP's, MLA's and party workers will be attending the programme. There is likelihood of traffic congestion on the following routes from 9:00AM to 1:00 PM.

Traffic will not be allowed from KBR Park towards Orissa Island and from Orissa Island towards KBR Park from 9:00AM to 1:00 PM.

1. Commuters from NTR Bhavan towards Orissa Island are requested to take the Cancer Hospital – Rd.No.10 – Zahira Nagar – RdNo.1/10 Jn- RdNo.1/12 Jn- Kaman – Orissa Island routes.

2. Commuters from Orissa Island towards Cancer Hospital are requested to take Apollo Hospital – Film Nagar Jn. - Jubilee Hills Check Post Jn. – NTR Bhavan Jn. - Cancer Hospital routes.

3. Commuters from Zahira Nagar towards Orissa Island are requested to take Road No.1/10 Jn - Road No.1/12 Jn - Kaman – ACB office - Orissa Island Jn route.

4. Commuters from Rd.No.45 and Film Nagar Jn towards Cancer Hospital are requested to take Jubilee Hills Check Post – NTR Bhavan – Cancer Hospital – Rd.No.10, Banjara Hills – Rd.No.1/10 Jn – Rd.No.1/12 Jn – Kaman – Orissa Island Jn routes.

All citizens are requested to take note of the above programme and plan their movements by taking alternate routes to reach their destination during the specified date and timings and co-operate with the Hyderabad Traffic Police.

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