Adilabad Cotton Farmers Await Good Market Price

The TRS government has promised to hike assistance to Rs 5,000 from the fresh year. - Sakshi Post

Laxmipur, Adilabad: Cotton farmers in the district are waiting for a high price in the open market, since they have received the second term Rythu Bandhu amount and have been promised crop loan waiver up to Rs 1 lakh. Farmers are no longer toiling to make both ends meet, like in the past, some say.

Earlier, cotton cultivators were used to selling their produce soon after harvesting even at lower prices so as to repay the loans taken from banks, money lenders and keep away a part of the money for investment for the next agricultural season.

Things have changed in this election year and there are assurances of crop loan waiver up to Rs 1 lakh and Rs 4,000 per acre as financial assistance under Rythu Bandhu. The TRS government has promised to hike assistance to Rs 5,000 from the fresh year. This season, most cotton farmers got more than the MSP of Rs 5,450 in the Adilabad agriculture market.

Based on the instructions of district collector Divya Devarajan, agriculture market officials have put up a flexi, displaying the names of ginning factories which have offered the highest price as well as lowest prices for cotton produce to encourage ginning factories to offer a good price.

However, cotton yield had come down this season due to bad weather and pink bollworm in Adilabad district. Cotton farmers, after storing the cotton produce, will sell whenever they get a high price in the market.

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