PM Modi Must Get His Eyesight Checked Under TRS’s Kanti Velugu Scheme: KCR

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Hyderabad: Caretaker Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is on a verbal attack spree against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu from the past two days. Responding to Modi’s comments against the TRS government in Nizamabad on Tuesday, KCR told the Modi that he should get his eyesight checked under the Kanti Velugu scheme, if he is unable to see the development under the TRS rule in Telangana. TRS supremo KCR was addressing public meetings in Narayankhed, Jukkal, Zaheerabad, Andhole, Zaheerabad, Sangareddy and Narsapur constituencies when he made this statement.He said PM Modi, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi, TDP president Chandrababu Naidu and the Left parties, had all teamed up to defeat a “lone and lean man.” He said, “all these political parties are targeting me since I am a stubborn and straight-forward person who will not give up until he achieves what I desire for the people of Telangana state.” Taking a dig at the NDA government for not approving the hike in reservations for STs and minorities, he said, “We wrote over 30 letters to Mr Modi and even met him personally. Rather than heeding our requests, they are stating that they will not allow us to implement it.” He asked: “Is this country your jagir or your father’s? This is democracy. You will not be in control forever.” He even said BJP and Congress want to establish feudal control over the states from Delhi, he said “I have been speaking against them and demanding for devolution of certain subjects to the States and they want to suppress my voice which will not be possible.”

Care taker Chief Minister KCR said, he is going to play a proactive role in national politics once he is done with the assembly elections and he would take the Congress and BJP head on in the national politics. KCR lambasted TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy as “an incapable fellow,” and reminded people that Uttam kumar Reddy took no interest to participate in the Assembly debates on irrigation projects.

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