Telangana Traffic Cop Penalised For Car In No Parking Zone

Car parked in Mahankali Traffic Police limits - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: No one is above the law--Even if its is the Additional Police Commissioner of Traffic. On Thursday a vehicle belonging to ACP Traffic, Anil Kumar was found wrongly Parked near the Mahankali Traffic Police limits, when a friendly-neighbourhood netizen saw the vehicle and immediately took a picture and sent the same to the Traffic Police Twitter handle.


@HYDTP will you issue a "No Parking" e-challan to this vehicle?

Place: Near Mahankali Traffic PS.

Time: 3 p.m. on 15 November, 2018.

Pic: @AbhinayTheHindu @AddlCPTrHyd #Hyderabad #Police

The traffic police were quick to respond to the tweet and also posted a screenshot of the challan, where it had fined the vehicle with the number plate TS 09 PA 3330 a sum of Rs 235.

It is said that the vehicle was registered under the office of Telangana's Director General of Police but it was the ACP Anil Kumar who was using it. He was in that area for an inspection of the Mahankali Traffic police station when this happened.

Though the challan has since been paid and taken down from the website of the Hyderabad Traffic Police, those following the Tweet praised the Traffic Police’s prompt action. But there was also mixed reaction where many asked if the fine was paid through official money, or the driver paid through his own pocket.

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