Pranay’s Murder Exposes Nexus Between Realtor, Terror Suspect, Politicians?

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Investigation in the Pranay gruesome murder The sensational Miryalaguda daylight murder of a Dalit youth, Pranay in front of his pregnant wife, Amrutha has left the entire state of Telangana un a state of shock. It may be recalled that Pranay's killing was ordered by Amrutha's father, because he could not stomach his daughter marrying a Dalit youth, an act he felt, hurt his "honour".

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Following widespread outrage across all strata of society, police moved quickly to arrest the accused and fasttrack the investigation. It came to light that Maruthi Rao had struck a deal with notorious terror suspect Mohammed Abdul Bari for Rs 1 crore out of which he paid Rs 50 lakhs as advance. It is learnt that Bari had demanded the entire amount in advance but settled for half of it and hired a Bihar based killer to execute the brutal murder. Police officials met with Pranay's family members and Amrutha to piece the case together in the light of other personalities being dragged into the controversy. The cops want to ensure that no loose end is left unexplored in the case to bring the killers and the murderous planners to book. Police have also viewed seriously Amrutha's allegations about a Suryapet based lawyer close to Maruthi Rao as also an ex-MLA. In another allegation which created a sensation, Amrutha accused her father of maintaining ties with the notorious Nayeem gang. It is learnt that the investigators are probing all angles to the case. The killer who executed the gruesome murder is said to be based out of Hyderabad.

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