Bari Could Kidnap You: Maruthi Rao To Amrutha

Maruthi Rao, father of Amrutha - Sakshi Post

In a shocking revelation exclusively to Sakshi, Amrutha Varshini, the wife of slain Dalit boy Pranay has stated that at one time, her father Maruthi Rao would warn her about the notorious terror suspect he had hired. "My father would tell me that I could be kidnapped by Mohammad Abdul Bari, the most wanted criminal in Hyderabad."

Speaking to Sakshi, Amrutha revealed chillingly shocking facts of the case. She said that some years back when her father Maruthi Rao, had crossed paths with Bari, the latter had threatened to kidnap his daughter. Ironically enough, Maruthi Rao handed the contract to kill Pranay to the same criminal who had threatened to kidnap his own daughter earlier. This was after both Bari and Maruthi Rao became partners in crime and the latter's ugly tentacles spread far and wide.

It may be recalled that Amrutha's husband was brutally killed by Bari's associate Sharma from Samsthipur district in Bihar near a hospital in Miryalguda of Nalgonda district last Friday.

(As told to Swapna Ashok, Executive Editor, Sakshi TV)

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