Hang The Killers To A Slow Painful Death: Pranay’s Brother

Pranay’s brother Ajay - Sakshi Post

In an exclusive interaction with Sakshi, members of Pranay's family said that the promising Dalit youth's killers should be hanged to death in a slow, painful mode. Pranay's brother Ajay said, "Those heartless monsters should know the value of human life. They should be made to hang in a slow, painful manner till they die. They should feel their last breath escaping from their bodies."

Amrutha agreed with Ajay's words and said that the killers should be dealt with nothing short of capital punishment.

Pranay, a techie from Miryalaguda married Amrutha Varshini, a girl from the Arya Vaisya community against the wishes of her father, who threatened the couple repeatedly. Maruthi Rao was upset about his daughter marrying a boy from the SC community and felt that his 'honour had been compromised.'

(As told to Swapna Ashok, Executive Editor, Sakshi TV)

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