A Pregnant Amrutha Fell Unconscious After Pranay’s Murder: Doctor

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On September 14th, Friday afternoon Amrutha went for a check up to Jyothi Hospital along with her husband Pranay. This was an unscheduled visit but they wanted to go because Amrutha had a mild pain in the stomach. Soon after the check up, the couple walked out to the gate where the killer struck and brutally murdered Pranay. It was almost instant death and while Amrutha screamed for help, not even realizing what happened she almost lost consciousness. Within no time Dr Jyothi rushed out only to be shocked by the scene! She examined Pranay and realized he was no more! Amrutha's blood pressure had shot up to 200 and was fluctuating due to the trauma. She was immediately taken into the hospital. Pranay's petrified parents, who initially assumed that their son was in the ICU told Amrutha that they had had enough and that she should go back home. It was later that Pranay was declared dead plunging the entire family into profound grief.

"Within 20 minutes of the incident, the street was crowded with people and we saw a few people conversing on their mobiles in secrecy and quite suspiciously," said an eye-witness who lives on the same street across from Jyothi Hospital and looked out of the window hearing the commotion. The streets of Miryalaguda had woken up to a gruesome murder in broad daylight.

While Pranay's home was set up with CCTV cameras and a surveillance system since they feared being attacked, little did they know that they were being followed and their movements monitored by professional killers. It was too late by the time SP Ranganath mentioned in the press conference that there had been failed attempts to kill Pranay on earlier occasions.

Does the mother not care about Amrutha?

After the incident Amrutha's mother Girija spoke to the doctor to enquire about her daughter's health. She too, reportedly was utterly shocked. Girija , although absent in this entire sequence of happenings used to hope that the father and daughter would come together at some point. Maruthi Rao used to call up and find out about Amrutha's check up schedules and status of pregnancy. He also seemed to have gathered information from Dr. Jyothi and his wife Girija about Amrutha , without letting them suspect anything.

"It is true that Maruthi Rao had asked me to convince Amrutha to abort the pregnancy around the second month of her pregnancy. But due to professional ethics I refrained from doing so," says Dr. Jyothi who is yet to come to terms with the horrific incident. "I delivered Amrutha and was quite close to their family. All their medical needs were monitored by me. I am not able to believe that so much has happened," Dr. Jyothi shares with pain.

What does Amrutha need now? Well, she needs plenty of rest and a stress-free environment. It is necessary that each and everyone around her gives her support, love and compassion, explains Dr. Jyothi.

With the constant media spotlight on her, the trauma she is going through and a pregnancy to handle, one would wish that the mother would be by her side. As an only child all Amrutha had was parents and friends. Now that the father undergoes trial, the mother is not to be seen or heard it is only time that can chalk out her path ahead. For now, this crisis keeps her busy and alert. But one cannot deny that this is a 21 year young girl fighting fate.

As told to Swapna Ashok, Executive Editor, Sakshi TV

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