In the killing of Dalit youth from Miryalguda Pranay on Friday afternoon, the police suspect the involvement of a former terror suspect Mohammed Abdul Bari.

It is learnt that Amrutha's father Maruthi Rao, who ordered the killing had settled the deal for Rs 1 crore and had paid Rs 50 lakhs as advance. As has been widely reported, Bari had kidnapped Rao in a case earlier some years ago, but Rao not only managed to wriggle out of it but got familiar with the former terror suspect.

Former terror suspect Mohammed Abdul Bari in Pranay Murder Case
Former terror suspect Mohammed Abdul Bari in Pranay Murder Case

When Amrutha complained to the police authorities about a threat to Pranay's life, they are reported to have called Maruthi Rao in for counselling. He is said to have agreed to stay away from Amrutha and Pranay and convinced both the police as well as his daughter on this count. However, he nursed a grudge secretly.

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At first, Bari who was jailed for his involvement in the killing of Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya, and his associates thought of attacking Pranay at his house. Pranay, who remained vigilant always sat in his car and drove out of his house making it difficult for his assailants to pounce on him there.  After a thorough recce stretching over two months, Bari and his killer associates zeroed in on the hospital as a likely place of staging the murderous attack on Pranay.

Bari, who is a rowdysheeter both in Hyderabad as well as Nalgonda is also involved in the killing of a BJP leader Mysaiah Goud, another murder case and in a case of threatening a government lady employee. It is learnt that a Congress leader had provided shelter to the killers in Miryalguda. Amrutha, meanwhile has accused a TRS MLA of helping her father carry out this gruesome plan.

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The legislator, however, has denied the charges and claimed that he had not met any of the accused. He alleged that his name was being dragged to give a political colour to the tragic murder case.