Amrutha, the bereaved wife of the Dalit youth Pranay who was mercilessly hacked to death as per a premeditated plan drawn up by her father Maruthi Rao, has started Facebook page seeking justice for her deceased husband.

Amrutha's mission is to fight casteism and to create greater awareness of an egalitarian society. Amrutha has been commended for her tenacity and bravery in pursuing her objective of fighting for a casteless society.

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It may be recalled that Pranay was murdered by a contract killer hired by Amrutha's father Maruthi Rao who was not happy with her marriage to an SC boy. Amrutha, who's pregnant had earlier stated that she intends to raise her child in Pranay's memory and to fight for a society which is free of the barriers of caste and community. She sought harsh punishment to all those involved in her husband's ruthless murder. Amrutha also said that Pranay would remain as a symbol of sacrifice for true love while her father who claimed to have got him killed for the sake of 'honour' lost whatever respect he may have earned over the years. Police have already cracked the case, arrested Maruthi Rao and his brother Shravan and have launched a manhunt to nab all those involved in the case.

Now, Amrutha has sought online support to ensure justice. Within minutes of Amrutha launching the page, scores joined the page expressing their support.

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