Miryalaguda Should Have Pranay Statue: Amrutha

Amrutha Varshini, wife of Pranay - Sakshi Post

Nalgonda: “With the horrific murder of my husband Pranay, my father lost his honour and reputation. On the other hand, Pranay will always be remembered for sacrificing his life for his love”, Amrutha Varshini, the bereaved wife of the Dalit youth who was murdered inside the premises of a hospital in Miryalaguda said. Speaking to media here today, Amrutha said that those who indulge in honour killings were inhuman creatures. "People with casteist mindsets should not be spared. To ensure that Pranay's murderers be punished and to raise his yet-to-be-born baby is my ultimate goal. I will strive towards pursuing Pranay's dream of fighting against the menace of casteism," she added.

Amrutha said that Pranay had always encouraged her to be strong despite the odds. “Whenever I had asked him about the threat to his life, Pranay maintained that it was important for him to spend time with me”, she recalled.

"Pranay was a fearless person. I have decided to live my life the way he wanted me to. We have to erect a statue in Pranay’s memory in Miryalaguda for his sacrifice. Despite being aware of the threat to his life, he was unflinching in his love," she said.

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