Rohit Vemula Cheque Bounce Case: IUML Clarifies

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It has been two years since the Rohit Vemula, the University of Hyderabad research scholar committed suicide in his hostel room. Days after his death, the Indian Union Muslim League had promised to grant Rs 20 lakh to the family for building a house. But the family has not received the full amount till now.

According to reports, it is learnt that the family was alloted land between Vijayawada and Guntur. Though they had been given some land, the Muslim league put them on hold for the sanction of full amount. It may be recalled that a month after Rohit Vemula's death, his mother was taken to Kerala by the Muslim League to participate in a meeting where she was promised a Rs 20 lakh cheque. Rohit Vemula was a member of youth wing of Kerala Muslim league.

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However, after an immense pressure from Women's right groups on the league, Vemula's mother was offered two cheques of 2.5 lakh each of which one bounced.

But according to general secretary of youth wing of Kerala unit of Muslim league CK Subair, the family was offered the cheques and the reason of cheque not being honoured is that there was a discrepancy in the figures of the amount. He added that they withdrew the amount of another cheque.

Subair also said that the family was asked to find a plot to construct the house. As they failed to find the land, the family opted for an apartment for which they have been sanctioned Rs 5 lakh. He also maintained that the remaining Rs 15 lakh would be released when the procedures of buying the house get completed.

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