Kazipet: In connection with a rail roko case that dates back to 2013 Telangana agitation, Speaker Sirikonda Madhusudhana Chary, along with other TRS leaders, attended the Railway court here today. Along with the speaker, TRS leaders Accha Vidya Sagar, S. Srinivas, D. Daya Sagar, A. Vinod, Diddi Naresh, V. Satyanarayana, Bollam Sampath, Mekala Ravi and Ramagalla Parameshwar also attended the court.

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Similarly, Speaker Madhusudhanachary, Lyadella Balu, Vijay, L. Rama Rao, P. Prem Kumar, G. Ramesh, G. Raju, K. Ramulu, V. Linga Reddy and G. Sampath attended the court for another rail roko case that was registered in 2014. The Railway Magistrate heard both the cases and adjourned the cases until June 19, it is learnt.