Have a sweet tooth? Then head straight to Hyderabad this Sankranthi! The Telangana Government will be hosting an international sweets festival on January 14 and 15 at the Parade Grounds in Secunderabad. Simultaneously, the World Kite Festival too would be held.

"The sweets festival aims at promoting mutual respect among people belonging to various states living in Hyderabad, by showcasing sweets from 25 states," said tourism and culture secretary B Venkatesham.

Sweets would also be on sale at the event, to be held at the Parade Ground at Secunderabad. Stalls at the festival will be categorised not according to the state from where they originate but by the kind of sweets being offered. For example, 'payasam' made in Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Assam will be presented at one counter. Sweets from foreign countries will also be presented alongside the Indian delicacies, according to an official.