Are GOs being issued and committees being constituted in Telangana to suit Chief Minister KCR's lucky number 6? Congress MLA G Chinna Reddy raised this question in the Telangana assembly on Tuesday.

Speaking on the Farmers' Coordination Committees being formed by the TRS government in the assembly, Chinna Reddy said everything in Telangana is being done as per KCR's obsession with numerology. Citing examples, he said the village level committees are to have 15 members, while the district level committees are meant to have 24 members. The state committee has 42 members. The total of each of this figure is 6, he pointed out. Similarly, the relevant GO number for forming this committee is 42. Again, the total is 6, Chinna Reddy said.

"The other day, KCR had gone to Jahangir Pir Dargah in Mahaboobnagar and offered 51 goats there. The total of this again is 6," Chinna Reddy quipped. As Chinna Reddy was elaborating on CM's numerological idiosyncrasy, KCR sat silently in the house occasionally nodding his head.