Why KCR is bowing to this man?

Why KCR is bowing to this man? - Sakshi Post

Thursday morning saw an unusual visitor at Telangana chief minister KCR. Seeing this man - short in stature, frail in demeanor and clad in hand-spun dhoti - the most powerful person in Telangana stood up and folded his hands in deep respect. 

Who was this man, who made KCR bow to him? Not a politico, nor a mandarin not even a Godman! 

The man who made KCR stand up in respect is Mruthyunjaya Sharma, his Telugu teacher. As a student, KCR used to walk up to his teacher's home at 5 AM. The teacher taught him Telugu literature, poetry - both ancient and contemporary and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha.
KCR became nostalgic and went down the memory lane on meeting his teacher. KCR said he would never forget his teacher and his teachings.

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