Telangana Municipal Polls: Social Media, The Dominant Campaigner     

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HYDERABAD: The Municipal poll bugle has been sounded in Telangana with the state election commission (SEC) notifying elections in 120 municipalities and nine corporations across the state. With this, the election campaign for the municipal elections was off to a good start in the state.

The candidates who are in the fray kicked off the election campaign in a different style to influence the voters and they are choosing social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and video sharing platform Youtube. It has been increased with the unlimited availability of the internet.

The usage of Whatsapp has been increased and the supporters of the candidates are creating groups and sharing the information to influence the voters.

It is reported that students and youngsters are spending their time on the internet. It is said that this will be very beneficial to the candidates so that they can send their message to the farthest through social media.

The candidates and their supporters are creating WhatsApp groups to share information regarding their meetings, strategies etc.

They are studying the opinions collected from the people and the needs of the people through Whatsapp groups and preparing their strategy.

Family members of the candidates take part in the campaign in which they are creating Facebook pages and uploading candidate's photos and sharing the information.

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