KCR’s Deadline Not a Deterrent, TSRTC Strike To Continue: JAC Leaders

JAC convenor Ashwathama Reddy - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Telangana JAC members made it clear that they would continue the TSRTC strike until their demands were met on Sunday. The RTC JAC convened a meeting on Sunday to discuss the further course of action, after Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao's appeal to the striking employees to resume work by November 5th.

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Speaking to the media after the meeting JAC convenor Ashwathama Reddy said that nobody had the right to remove any employee from service, and until their demands were met, there was no question of discontinuing the strike. There was no assurance or promise made for a solution to the problems or demands made by the Chief Minister after the Cabinet meeting on Saturday, he said.

The Chief Minister issuing deadlines was not a new thing and he is in fact dictating terms to the High Court, he criticised. He should have first discussed with the workers and then issued the deadline, the JAC leaders opined.

The CM had no right to dismiss any one and they called for the depot managers to also participate in the strike. They expressed their fear that with the privatisation of the RTC , gross injustice would be meted out to the backward classes considering that there are reservations in the RTC for them , but with privatisation there would be no representation for them .

At least now, the CM should come forward and conduct talks with the RTC unions, they said. Calling the RTC workers as his own children on one hand, and subjecting them to such difficulties ,was not acceptable. Taking a dig at the Chief Minister, they said that the Unions had no fancy to travel in big cards and they were working only to ensure the demands of the workers to be met. Expressing their confidence, they said that just because a few cowardly workers were rejoining duty was not going to make any difference, as the rest of the workers were still participating in the strike.

Meanwhile Keshava Krishna, who was working as an assistant depot manager at Uppal Depot, rejoined duty , in the wake of CM KCR's appeal to the RTC workers to rejoin work by November 5. He handed over the letter to the depot manager on Sunday becoming the first person to join duty in the wake of the deadline announced by the CM.

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