Revanth Reddy Brands KCR, KTR Incapable Administrators

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New Delhi: Working President of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) A Revanth Reddy launched a scathing tirade on Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and K T Rama Rao , calling them as incapable administrators . He said that KCR has utterly failed concerning the performance of the State government as evidenced in a report sent to the Centre by Chief Secretary SK Joshi.

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi on Tuesday after meeting AICC ad-hoc president Sonia Gandhi, Revanth Reddy pointed out that performance of the State government was rated poorly by the Chief Secretary himself.

Out of the 20 departments, whose performances were assessed, irrigation was ranked eighth, energy was eleventh, and information technology was eighteenth,” he noted. The Chief Secretary's report sent to the Centre had reiterated what the Congress had been trying to tell people of Telangana in all these days that the progress of the State being showcased by the Chief Minister and his son KT Rama Rao was false. They have been misleading and deceiving people by making tall claims about the performance of the State in the areas concerned, he said. None of the departments figure in the top three ranks, which reflects the dismal performance by the government since KCR took charge of the State Government.

In his inimitable style, the Congress MP commented that KCR and KTR were incompetent. He said the KCR government had failed completely in the state administration. This is evidenced by the rank given by the state's Chief Secretary SK Joshi to various branches.

The Electricity Department is trapped in debts of over Rs 34,000 crore, KCR completely failed in the development of irrigation sector, while KTR has wasted time in buying awards and awards, he quipped. They are yet to appoint members of the Electricity Regulatory Board (ERC) only to avoid any fraud to surface. Even though Etela Rajendar was appointed as finance minister, it was just a titular role and every knew who was really taking the decisions , he said while taking a dig at the CM. In the name of irrigating one crore acres of land , KCR was cheating the people of Telangana people. So far, Kaleshwaram project is yet to be completed. Both KCR and KTR have failed in their duties towards the state, and should take moral responsibility and apologize to the people of the state, he concluded.

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