Kadiyam Srihari Says “Chalo Kaleshwaram” To Highlight TRS Government’s Success

Kadiyam Srihari Says “Chalo Kaleshwaram” To Highlight TRS Government’s Success - Sakshi Post

Warangal: Former deputy chief minister and MLC Kadiyam Sirhari flagged of a rally to Kaleshwaram from Madikonda in Warangal on Wednesday. Thousands of TRS leaders, activists and people gathered with their vehicles, under the aegis of the TRS leader for the trip to the Kaleshwaram Project. This was in a bid to highlight the project capabilities and the State government’s programmes and achievements, in the wake of rising opposition's criticism againt the TRS Government.

Speaking to the media , Kadiyam Srihari came out strongly against the Congress party leaders. "The leaders of the Congress party who ruled united Andhra Pradesh were silent when the Godavari waters were diverted to Andhra. They never fought for the rights and interests of the people of Telangana, but now when Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is doing the same , they criticise him ," he fired. This also reflects the state of the party which is on the verge of deterioration, he said.

Thousands of crores of rupees of public money were siphoned in the name of projects and yagnas , now the same Congress leaders are running around courts and jails after cases have been foisted on them by the ACB, CBI and ED. If anyone has patent rights on corruption in the country it is the Congress Party leaders, he scoffed.

In a tirade against the BJP he said that, after winning only 4 seats in the parliamentary elections, the BJP is making desperate attempts to make itself heard. Can you see if the BJP is existent in villages or constituency, he asked. BJP does not have the right to ask for votes in Telangana. Narendra Modi's leadership in the last 5 years had done nothing for the State of Telangana.

Talking about the rally, he said that they were going to the Kaleshwaram project to deflect criticism from the opposition in villages and towns. The Kaleshwaram Project is an engineering marvel built under the guidance of CM KCR, he said. Engineering experts, leaders of central and state governments, central water union officials, and power finance corporations are praising the project and this has sent shivers in the Congress and BJP leaders.

The estimated cost of the Kaleshwaram project is Rs 82,000 crores and so far Rs.53,000 crore has already been spent on this. Water has already reached Mid Manair and Warangal distrcit is the first to benefit from this project. Kaleshwaram Project is a massive project, which provides water to 22 districts in Telangana, and the credit goes solely to our Chief Minister, he said. The whole idea of this rally so that people get a first hand account of the project and dispel the criticism by the opposition from the people's minds, he concluded.

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