TRS MP D Srinivas To Join BJP, Says Son, LS MP Arvind

TRS MP D Srinivas To Join BJP, Says Son, LS MP Arvind - Sakshi Post

Nizamabad: Nizamabad Lok Sabha MP from BJP, D. Arvind said that his father, veteran leader from Telangana and Rajya Sabha MP from the ruling TRS, D Srinivas, would be joining the national party soon. This would strengthen the BJP in the state, he observed at a meeting of partymen in Dharmapuri here. Arvind said that he would stand by followers of DS who would join the BJP and welcomed them into the party to strengthen PM Narendra Modi's hands.

The BJP MP said that people were unhappy with the name, Nizamabad. He added that because of the prefix Nizam, the Nizam Sagar reservoir was not filling up, the Nizam Sugar factory got shut down and the plight of farmers from Nizamabad, was not improving. The Lok Sabha MP said that locals were demanding that the name be changed to Induru. Referring to the Congress party he said that it was a party without a leader.

D. Arvind also said that it would be no surprise if Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was responsible for getting the Triple Talaq Act passed, would also bring in an act on the Uniform Civil Code.

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