Hyderabad: The TRS Working President KTR welcomed the judgement delivered in the rape case in Warangal on Thursday, where in a nine month girl was abducted, raped and killed.

Taking to his Twitter account KTR said,"Death penalty verdict by court of law for the animal who molested a child in Warangal is a welcome judgement. We need more stringent laws and fast track courts to take these horrendous offenders off our streets.

My compliments to the advocates who fought hard #JusticePrevails"

Take a look at the tweet here:

Many people took his comments with a wrong understanding and went against him on twitter. One man said, “Least expected from you sir. Is he animal by birth ?? What is society role in making him an animal ? What is the proof that death penlaty reduce such crimes ? Are we running society based on emotions ? @KTRTRS.”

In reply to his Tweet KTR said,"Sir, there are certain things that shouldn’t be pardoned by civil society. This animal raped a 9 month child; can it get more heinous?? He absolutely deserves death & just the thought of rape should send a chill down the spine of such psychopaths."

He also congratulated the police and advocates who brought justice to the baby in shuch a short duration.

Here are the tweets:

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