Telangana farmers were in pitiable state as the agriculture in the state was in distress, said Congress Kisan Cell president. He alleged that there were no measures to protect the farmers in the state.

In a media briefing at Gandhi Bhavan, S Anvesh Reddy, the president of the Kisan Cell said that government was yet to implement loan waivers and hence Telangana farmers were still in a state of misery. Anvesh Reddy said: "Several farmers stopped paying interest to banks hoping that their loans would be waived. The government is also yet to release their share of subsidy to farmers who have already paid their bank interests."

Anvesh Reddy also said that the Centre had granted Rs 750 crore input subsidy for farmers of which only 30% had been given to farmers. He cited the case of Karimnagar farmers who received quality paddy seeds from companies who did not see much improvement in their yield.

The Telangana government lacks foresight, he stated. It now remains to be seen how the KCR government will react to such allegations as the TRS government is often called farmer friendly.

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