Truth About Harish Rao Leaving TRS For BJP

TRS leader T Harish Rao - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A news article about Senior TRS leader T Harish Rao leaving TRS to join the BJP has created waves in political circles. The news has taken the social media by storm. An English daily published a news report on its front page saying the TRS leader was all set to leave the pink party to join the saffron party. But before you gasp for breath, let me tell you this news is fake. The report was intended to play a prank on people on April 1, considered as All Fools Day, a day dedicated to pulling pranks to fool people.

While we have all been a part of this April fool’s pranks in some way or the other, this bit of news was dismissed off as a joke by some while a few others frowned upon the seriousness of the subject. While the entire article dropped enough reasons to establish the reasons for Harish Rao’s exit from the party, the article ended with the lines—While that is so, readers are advised to remember this is April Fool’s Day.

Wow, what a joke! We all know Harish Rao’s loyalty lies with TRS as he has always vowed to work with the party as per the directions of both KTR and KCR.

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