Thorrur:Errabelli Dayakar Rao predicted that Telangana Rashtra Samithi is going to secure a landslide victory in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Telangana, at Thorrur.

He pointed out that Congress is not going to win any seat in the upcoming elections and referring to the Congress MLAs joining TRS he said that it is for the development of the state that MLAs are joining the TRS.

Errabelli added that all the leaders, who are aspiring for the development of the state are joining TRS, supporting Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao.

He remembered that Congress party had bought the TDP MPs' for their survival then, but in this instance it is for development these MLAs are changing the party.

TRS leader predicted that no party is going to secure the majority required to form a government at the Centre and the 16 MP seats, which are to be won by TRS are bound to be crucial. Projects in Telangana will be bestowed with National status, he added.

Minister Errabelli said that KCR is working hard to turn Telangana into a holistically developed state. He claimed that two MP seats in the combined Warangal district are going to be won by the TRS, a with a heavy majority and promised complete development of the combined Warangal district.

Dayakar Rao later took a jibe at the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister saying that Chandrababu has forged an alliance with arch rival Congress to cause disturbances in Telangana. He said that Chandrababu should accept that he has committed a mistake by forging an alliance with Congress, and then perhaps, people of Andhra and Telangana people will forgive him.

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