Jagga Reddy Fires Harish Rao Over Manjeera Issue

Congress MLA Jagga Reddy - Sakshi Post

Congress MLA Jagga Reddy fires at TRS MLA Harish Rao. He said despite no official sanctions the water of Manjeera has been moved towards the Sree Ram Sagar Dam. Jagga Reddy claimed that it is because of this act by Harish Rao, the whole of Manjeera dried up.
Congress MLA has lambasted Harish Rao saying that he secretly did this while leaving the people of Sangareddy to suffer from thirst. He alleged that Harish Rao, who is the Irrigation Minister, has done this without the knowledge of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao.
Jagga Reddy added that as he is from the family of KCR, officials have not objected to his activities and if only KCR knew about it he would have stopped it.
Senior Congress leader remarked that by diverting Manjeera water away Harish Rao has caused damage to the Mission Bhagiratha started by KCR.
The Sangareddy MLA added that it is because of the act done by Harish Rao, KCR and the people of Medak are going to suffer.
He alleged that Harish Rao sent him to jail because he might be questioned if Jagga reddy won the election. Jagga Reddy demanded a public apology from Harish Rao and asked for Rs 10 crore to be granted to the district for water immediately.

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