Hyderabad: Congress leaders from the Telangana have found fault with the employing of EVMs in the recently held elections. They are pushing for the use of ballot papers instead of EVMs in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Actor turned politician Vijayashanthi has been appointed as the Congress campaigning committee chairperson. Talking to the media after her appointment, she expressed her suspicion over the functioning of EVMs and said many other political parties are demanding the same. Vijayashanthi alleged that TRS has won the elections distributing money to the voters and managing the EVMs.

Another Congress leader and former minister DK Aruna also took potshots at the TRS party and remarked that TRS has come to power by manipulating EVMs and expressed her opinion that Election Commission should start using the old ballot voting system as urged by the various political parties.

Congress leader observed that even in some of the developed countries too, the ballot paper is still in use, then why can’t we go back to ballot voting?

DK Aruna pointed out that the TRS leaders claim that they will win 16 Lok Sabha seats and said these statements can be considered as proof that they are planning to put their power to inappropriate use.

She said TRS leaders are trying to hoodwink the people under the garb of Federal Front and pleaded with the voters of Telangana to vote for the Congress in the Parliamentary polls.

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