Our Promises Not Like Shooting Arrows in The Dark: KCR

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Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said that the TRS government would fulfill all the assurances made in the election manifesto. People have blessed the TRS with a huge mandate for the policies and programmes implemented in the four and a half years. “I bow my head and thank people,” he added.

KCR said the TRS government would fulfill of all its assurances in toto, the same way it did in the first term. “Our promises are not like shooting arrows in the dark,” he added.

The TRS supremo added that each and every one of the schemes was implemented after careful observation of what people needed. He further asserted, "we kept all our poll promises in the first term. We even implemented 72 new schemes and programmes that were not part of the TRS 2014 election manifesto."

Talking about the new policies he added, that in this term too, TRS will implement all promises made and is open to new ideas based on what people require.

Adding to the discussion on Governor’s address in the Assembly, KCR remarked that the government was working out a plan to implement farm loan waiver up to Rs 1,00,000. He added that the government is willing to pay Rs 24,000 crore to banks.

Replying to the objections raised by the Congress MLA Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy to the Governor’s address, KCR said, the address was a reflection of the TRS government’s plans, decisions, and manifesto. KCR took potshots at the Congress MLA and said, that the Governor is not separate from the government. His speech is not a budget document.

Talking about the remunerative prices to crops he said the Union government controls the issue. He added that TRS government has plans to ensure Telangana farmers get fair and remunerative prices to their yields. With the setting up of food processing centers, this is possible, he observed.

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