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The process of Reservations in Panchayat elections has reached a certain point with all district collectors - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The process of Reservations in Panchayat elections has reached a certain point with all district collectors, District Panchayat Officers(DPOs) having received guidelines to provide reservations. For a more clear picture over the issue, Panchayat Raj department is going to hold a meeting on Friday for all the DPOs.

Panchayat Raj department wants to complete the entire process by 29 December. The reservations as per community are 23.81% for BCs 20.46% for SCs, 5.73% for STs. SC, ST reservation is done based on the 2011 census reports and BCs as per the voter list data. In every category, women are given 50% of reservation. To gram panchayats in scheduled areas, 100% of ST gram panchayats are exempted from the reservation process. In the scheduled areas, all Sarpanch roles will be given to STs and the number of ward members will be decided by the population of other communities.

According to 2018 Panchayat Raj Act, BC Sarpanch locations will be declared district wise and 50% of the reserved seats will be given to women from the respective communities and the remaining 50% will be given to each district. The reservations under SC, ST, BC, women will be announced by the commissioner and at the district level implemented by the collector.

MPDOs will do the reservation based on the population of the community for SCs, STs in the descending order of their population and later will decide for others. The same procedure is going to be implemented for BCs. They are going to use lottery mode for reservation of wards for SC, ST and BC communities women. According to the voter data published on November 11, the ratio of different communities will be decided. District collector and RDO shall decide the final list after a clear examination of the data. Once the reserved seats are confirmed unreserved seats will be finalized.

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