The TDP candidate from Kukatpally in Hyderabad, Nandamuri Suhasini, was accused of election code violation. She reportedly held a meeting at Allapur division in Ganesh Nagar on Thursday night. Reports say that voters were offered inducements to which TRS leaders objected. Later, they lodged a complaint with the Nodal Officer, Surendra Rao.

The TDP candidate was later sent away from the meeting. It is being widely reported that inducements are being offered in the form of money, liquor, sarees, and food, among other things. According to media reports, crores of rupees are being spent in many constituencies. It is learnt that where the political rivalry is intense as much as Rs.2000 is being offered by leaders for a vote, while it is said that others elsewhere have been offering as much as Rs.500 to Rs.1000. In Maheshwaram constituency, a candidate offering chicken to voters is said to have turned into a hot topic of discussion locally.

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