Jaipal Reddy Hauls KCR Over Coals On Revanth Arrest

Former Union Minister Jaipal Reddy - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Former Union Minister Jaipal Reddy, slammed caretaker Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrashekar Rao saying that KCR, is behaving like emergency Chief Minister and not caretaker Chief Minister.

Talking to the media in the Gandhi Bhavan Jaipal Reddy said, "KCR is taking away all the rights of the people. As a caretaker Chief Minister he is exercising more power than a Chief Minister in office. The arrest of Revanth Reddy, Congress candidate from Kondangal constituency is an undemocratic act. Such incidents were never witnessed before".

The senior Congress leader said that he had attended Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting in Kodangal, and after all the Congress leaders left, the houses of some party workers were searched. Responding to the police search on party supporters' houses Revanth Reddy called for a protest which was to be held in Kodangal. But the police straight away went to his bedroom, breaking the door like thieves, while the leader was with his family.

He added, Revanth Reddy’s wife who called me in the night, is my younger brother’s daughter. Jaipal Reddy questioned KCR if Congress comes to power and police barge in to arrest KCR's daughter, would he remain calm. He added that a few hundred supporters of Revanth Reddy have been arrested.

He pointed out that KCR is a caretaker Chief Minister and not holding office. But police officials are behaving like puppets in his hands. He observed that this issue will be raised with EC, and that fear of failure has overpowered KCR. That is why he is behaving like dictator, Jaipal Reddy commented. He said that there was a pattern to this expression of fear as seen in the arrests of Jagga Reddy in Sangareddy, Prathap Reddy in Gajwel, and now, Revanth Reddy in Kodangal. Jaipal Reddy wondered why police were behaving like sycophants to the caretaker chief minister.

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