KCR, A Chameleon: Sidhu

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu  - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Cricketer turned politcian Navjot Singh Sidhu came heavily down upon the Telangana caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. Sidhu said KCR is more fickle than a chameleon in changing colors and came into power by demonstrating this.
He added 40% of average individuals in the state are not able to earn Rs 140 per day. But KCR has built a lavish Rs 300 crore mansion for himself. Sidhu termed the government of Telangana as a bamboo pole, no matter how long it might be, but it is hollow inside and this is true of the TRS government. The state which was formed with Rs 17 thousand crores in the exchequer is now in debts of Rs 2 lakh 40 thousand crores. The state is in debts but those four people's assets have grown 400%.
Sidhu said Congress is the party which made Telangana possible. KCR said TRS will be merged in Congress and a dalit would be made the CM of the state but went back on both the statements while he enjoys power. Women’s empowerment to KCR is only his daughter’s development, he pointed. He added, KCR has never been to the secretariat and is the only one to support the demonetization move of Modi, which is the biggest scam in Indian history, Sidhu added.

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