I Will Commit Suicide If Mahakutami Loses Telangana Elections: Bandla Ganesh

Left: Bandla Ganesh with Rahul Gandhi. Right Inset: Actor Pruthvi - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Telugu actor Pruthvi has been in the industry over the last three decades. Of late he is leaning towards politics. The actor has shared his pearls of wisdom on the upcoming Telangana Elections scheduled to be held on December 7. Speaking to a YouTube channel , Pruthvi heaped praises on TRS Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), calling him the real man and that his stature was that of a lion which walks in the front while rest of the pack follows. KCR is a man of ethics and even if other parties are contesting, TRS would finally win the Telangana Elections with a thumping majority, he said.

The Grand Alliance (Mahakutami) was only interested in power and that if people voted for the Grand Alliance , then Telangana would be ruled from Amaravati , and if the Congress had contested separately , they would have hardly won a few seats, he said. Requesting the intellectuals and intelligentsia to think wisely and vote, he said that there was no other leader as great as KCR.

When asked about Congress leader and film producer Bandla Ganesh's statement that he would cut his neck with a 7-o-clock blade if the Congress-led Grand Alliance lost in the upcoming Telangana polls , he answered in his usual sardonic style that Bandla Ganesh was a peculiar man with a quirky attitude and if he said that he would commit suicide, then the police should first be informed and someone should save him and prevent him from committing suicide. He also quipped that Bandla Ganesh was capable of taking selfies with US President Donald Trump, but was quick to add that he was a good producer and friend of his, although his entry into politics was a surprise for him.

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