Will Jagtial, Koratla Remain Congress, TRS Strongholds?

Congress senior leader T Jeevan Reddy - Sakshi Post

The Jagtial assembly constituency in the undivided Karimnagar district has been a Congress bastion ever since senior party leader T Jeevan Reddy, who has won six times from the constituency, was in the fray in electoral politics. Although TDP Telangana Chief L Ramana, MLA won from the constituency in 1994 and 2009, and was also in the race for the seat for the December 7 polls, he gave it up to sitting MLA Jeevan Reddy in the interest of the grand alliance.

That Jeevan Reddy was the only Congress candidate to have been elected in the undivided Karimnagar district amid the TRS wave in 2014 speaks volumes on his winning chances in Jagtial. TRS candidate Dr M Sanjay Kumar has a daunting task at hand in the election campaign if he were to give a fight to the Congress stalwart. However, the TRS could draw inspiration from its previous tally of 54,788 votes out of the 1,48,528 electorate.

On the other side, the 2,10,667 strong electorate of Koratla assembly constituency in the undivided Karimnagar district has always been a smooth affair during the 2009, 2010 and 2014 elections for the TRS with K Vidyasagar Rao as its face, ever since its inception in 2009. Former minister Juvvadi Narsinga Rao, the Congress candidate in Koratla for the upcoming polls, however, has a decent chance for victory this time around.

Out of the 1,50,601 votes polled in 2014, TRS had a lion's share with 58,890 votes. However, if the voter turnout in the electorate with 2,14,367 voters improves, chances are there could be a new face to represent in the Assembly.

Watch this space for more updates on Telangana Assembly elections 2018.

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